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Where I'm From

I am from the Saguaro cacti and tumbleweeds

The trees full of buzzing cicadas on hot, summer nights

I am from dial-up internet

From Neil Diamond and Kenny G drifting from the CD player

I am from the home that hosted Bible studies

The cul-de-sac where we rode bikes and played games with neighbors

And ran barefoot across the burning asphalt

I’m from honor roll and failed piano lessons

And blisters on my toes from hours of ballet rehearsals

I’m from Arizona and other lands long forgotten

I’m from Dominoes with Grammy and Cribbage with Grandpa

From family reunions at the cabin, seeing new faces each year

While never missing the pink stuff

I’m from roast beef and mashed potatoes

From family dinners every night and church every Sunday

And ski trips every spring

I’m from memories documented in photo albums and home videos

And love that’s held close to my heart


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Vanessa Stricker
Vanessa Stricker
Oct 12, 2022

Thanks Kev! I definitely can’t handle that heat like I used to. 😆


Kevin Mo-Wong
Kevin Mo-Wong
Oct 12, 2022

Loved this post Vane!!!! Fun insight into your childhood. It made me grin just reading it, also cringe when it came to running across an Arizona asphalt barefoot. I would never had made it growing up in AZ as a kid 😄.

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