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Still in This Place

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We’re still in this place,

Longer than most of us thought we would be.

We’re still home.

We’re still distant.

We’re still living each day in the unknown.

Some have accepted their plight.

Some still rage against it.

Some are comfortable at home.

Some are scared of what lies behind closed doors.

We’re still in this place.

How do we move forward from here?

What do we need to release?

What do we need to embrace?

What do we need to re-envision?

What do we need to break down?

What do we do with life as it is right now?

We’re still in this place.

Lord, help us to stop struggling against what is and what needs to be.

Help us not to give up the struggle against what should not be.

Help us to distinguish between the two.

Help us to come together as we are apart.

Help us to help you restore a broken world.

We’re still in this place.

Show us how to be here well.


Cover Image by Alec Favale at Unsplash


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